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On the verge of the fight of JavaScript frameworks and discussions of why we as web developers mostly failed to provide a healthy web, revisiting fundamentals for building websites that don’t only look great but also perform better on mobile becomes even more important for both developers and businesses.

The web browser is the most widespread deployment platform available to developers today. It’s naturally installed on every smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, and any other format in between. Cumulative industry growth projections have been studied over the past years approximating over 38 billion connected devices by 2025 — each one of…

I recently migrated CI/CD pipeline of one of my open source projects — pwa-asset-generator from Travis CI to GitHub actions. I was one of the members who got early access to GitHub Actions beta, and I’d like to share my experience of such migration with the community in return.

The referred project and examples in this article are based on node.js, eslint, TypeScript, Jest, semantic-release and npm stack. The principles are the same for any other tech stack, so you should be able to use a similar flow with your own project as well.

In this article, we’re focusing on…

Demonstration of a PWA with splash screens and icons on iOS, generated by pwa-asset-generator

Long story short; while experimenting with ideas on Puppeteer for my next talk, I found myself building an open source CLI tool — pwa-asset-generator! :)

It automatically generates splash screen and icon images for your Progressive Web App in order to provide native-like user experiences on multiple platforms. It also updates your index.html and manifest.json files to declare generated assets to your PWA.

I’d like to get into details of my motivation for building such a library along with some advanced usage examples in this article.

Angular has a great set of tools for developers to help them easily start developing apps. After introducing schematics, Angular team took their game even further.

Photo by Anoir Chafik on Unsplash

Being a Progressive Web App evangelist, it’s no surprise that one of my favourite ng schematics is @angular/pwa. This schematic gives you a head start on your PWA development journey. However, you need to do more on your app to create the best experiences for your users on multiple mobile platforms.

This tutorial will cover how to build, optimise and host your PWA to provide native-like app experiences on the production environment. It provides…

Since you’re here, it’s very likely that you’ve already been using NgRx in your Angular application. In any case, I’d like to give a short introduction of it with quoting from its official website.

@ngrx provides a set of clean, well-tested libraries for reactive programming in Angular applications. —

I’ve been using NgRx for building fairly complex applications for one of our enterprise clients since last year.

My journey through NgRx includes building a brand new application with the latest version of NgRx, migrating a stateful Angular application to a reactive one, and also migrating an old NgRx application…

Recently, I spent some time for setting up Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) for an enterprise client. I automated build, sign/resign and distribution operations that we have to do for our hybrid mobile applications on a daily basis. No matter what platform you use for building your mobile app, ionic, cordova, nativescript, flutter or react native, they all share common practises and concerns when it comes to the build and distribution phase.

I want to share my experience and hopefully inspire anyone those who are in the process of setting up or maintaining CI/CD. Although it’s a fairly…

Angular developers and enterprises who invested in Angular have been following the latest developments on Angular 2 closely for the past year. Meanwhile the stable release of Angular 2 is released after the long wait. Some enterprises and Angular developers have rolled up their sleeves to migrate their Angular 1 projects to Angular 2 already.

It may not be as simple as you might think to migrate your Angular 1 project to Angular 2. Teams realizing this fact, have already taken steps on their migration plan to streamline their future transition. …

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