What The Rabbit Taught Me

My epic journey began on a simple Sunday morning. I had just finished feeding my dog and was ready to leave the house for a trip to the local Starbucks establishment. As I was leaving I had caught a glimpse of a rabbit in my front yard, so did my dog — she hates rabbits.

Now in line at Starbucks, I reached for my phone — nothing, I padded down all my pockets, still nothing. I had to step out of line and check my car — nothing. Queue mini panic. I realized I must have left it on the counter, distracted by that fucking rabbit.

Back in line, I felt myself fidgeting and involuntarily reaching for the phone that wasn’t there. I actually felt my body starting to tremble. Withdrawals? The desire to check my phone was consuming me.

Somehow I was able to pull it together and place my order. A Venti Skinny Vanilla Latté w/ Soy. Still can’t believe I has able to verbalize the order correctly.

Now waiting for my drink, the trembles continued, my forearms twitching, upper chest shaking. My mind wandering, yearning for the phone, the fix. Fuck.

I made the brave decision right then and there to sit down at Starbucks and tell this valiant mini tale. A tale of perseverance, tragedy, bravery and overcoming adversity. I did it! Successfully venturing out into the world and placing an order at Starbucks, all without my phone.

I challenge you to embark on your own adventure. Step out of your comfort zone for a short time and break the barriers holding you back from creating the adventurous life you want. We’re only here for a short time, don’t let the small obstacles hold you down. Find your rabbit and run.