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Strongly-typed object-oriented code helps me tremendously during refactoring. When I realize I need to pass more information from one place to another, I usually take my first step by changing a return typehint, or adding a required parameter to a method. Running PHPStan after making these changes tells me about all the code I need to fix. So I run it many times an hour during my workday. I don’t even check the web app in the browser until PHPStan’s result is green.

To encourage these types of workflows and to generally speed up feedback, I made massive improvements to its performance in the latest release. You can now run PHPStan comfortably as part of Git hooks or manually on your machine, not just in CI pipelines when you decide to submit your branch for a code review at the end of the day. Even on huge codebases consisting of hundreds of thousands lines of code, it finishes the analysis in seconds! …

This is a massive release that has been in the works for the past six months. We’ve managed to churn out minor releases even during the development of this new major version. This continuous workflow was enabled by feature toggles — people were able to try out the new features even while using the stable version by opting in and give feedback.

But I can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on this new version because it’s so much better. And it’s designed so that everyone is able to upgrade to it immediately without breaking a sweat.

If you’re not familiar with PHPStan, it’s a static analyser for PHP focused on finding bugs in your code. It catches whole classes of bugs even before you run your app at all. See the introductory article if you want to know more about the basics! …

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Two years ago I wrote an impactful article on union and intersection types. It helped the PHP community to familiarize themselves with these concepts which eventually led to intersection types support in PhpStorm.

I wrote that article because the differences between unions and intersections are useful and important for static analysis, and developers should be aware of them.

Today I have a similar goal. Generics are coming to PHPStan 0.12 later this week, I want to explain what they’re all about, and get everyone excited.

Infinite number of signatures

When we’re declaring a function, we’re used to attach a single signature to it. There’s no other option. So we declare that the function accepts an argument of a specific type, and also returns a specific…


Ondřej Mirtes

Author of PHPStan, static analysis tool for finding bugs in code without running it.

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