Decentralized finance — DeFi — is a new-emerging category of decentralized applications developed on top of public networks like Ethereum. Over the past two years, a range of financial products have been created, from lending to synthetic derivatives or insurance, almost unnoticed by the wider public, but with huge popularity around crypto-community.


In this article, I would like to explain what DeFi stands for. In the end, you will have a better understanding of what DeFi means — not only for you as an individual, but also for the world and your financial freedom.

Ethereum: The Digital Finance Stack


Today we are living in a time of a great technological transformation, that affects all aspects of our lives. Scientific advances in recent years caused, that we have a much larger range of devices which are recording and storing data in much higher precision and at a much higher rate than ever before. We are all an integral part of this technological revolution. Every human being produces a huge amount of data just by a simple click on the internet. …


The space industry attracts more global attention every day. Investors from the public and private sectors are always looking for new sources of economic growth and innovation, and the newly-emerging space industry has become an important field because of the innovation, new business opportunities as well as for strategic purposes. Divergent activities, inputs and processes in this particular field are contributing to create a new global “space value chain”.

Space systems play a decisive part in modern society and its economic growth in form of a satellite technology used in the navigation systems, communication, meteorology and Earth’s surface surveillance. …

Entering the space industry environment is very difficult for new enterprises, be it private companies, organizations, research centers or universities. Right now, companies which require a certain amount of reliability, accuracy and regular update of key data, like surface images or other data, seek the external supplier of these data (satellite provider) or embark on developing their own satellite infrastructure, which detours them from the original goal of their product, and also creates a significant difference in the development costs of their product, even though the low costs of designing and manufacturing nano-satellites allows many companies to get their hardware…

The scalability of not only Ethereum, but basically every blockchain is a problem that nobody wanted to hear about and feared it till 2017, when the project Cryptokitties exponentially gathered popularity and started to slow down the network and got the prices of gas so high that everybody agreed that this should be the problem no.1.

Talking about Cryptokitties is beating a dead horse now, as this topic was spoken of in every crypto-news for months. Aside from its popularity, Cryptokitties has shown us one very important thing. The state of the Ethereum network has been shown to not be…

During the sixties, the idea of Venture Capital (VC) has started to spread, created as a new form of financial aid for emerging companies with promising potential. Because of the VC, these young companies got what they needed the most — the capital. For the very beginning, VC was designed to achieve equity — a percentual share in the ownership of the company. The investment is creating a relationship between the entrepreneur and the investor, in the best case a partnership between those two parties, both aiming for the same goal and heading of the company.

The arrival of cryptocurrencies

We stand on the brink of the new space race, not fuelled by the Cold War between superpowers, but by competing private companies. It’s an unbelievably fascinating and extremely important event on which clings the future of our society, civilisation and planet as a whole. In today’s age space is closer and more open to us than ever before, thanks to the herculean effort of several private companies. The question today is whether there is a place in this race for small, independent companies and start-ups without multi-million budgets and what options they have. @nasa

The advent of the internet as…

The significance of the blockchain technology is undeniable, but where to actually apply it in the real world? For what industries will it be valuable? Thanks to this technology and platforms such as Ethereum, data is stored transparently and with better security. Not only are they resistant to external forces, but we are also able to control them.

As a technology, blockchain has immense potential for various organizations, making them more transparent, democratic, effective, transparent and, most important of all, capable of reaching a level of security that will change how many industries operate.

1. Banking, payments and their security.

Just as the advent of the…

Ondrej Sarnecký

Researcher | Dev | Speaker | Head of Technology @BlockchainSlovakia & @NeuromorphicsEU

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