Movie Sensation

You know,

that feeling, hmmm…

When you go to see a movie out of purpose, and it’s not the usual type of movie you would want to spend your time at the cinema, however it turns out to be amazingly artistic and fill your heart with those continuous “whoa…” , “ohhh…”, “wow…”

My dear, if you are in the Creative business, I hope you get to see Paddington (yes, a cartoon character Peru bear in a human artistic movie). My eyes can still vividly see the beautiful set of colors. My ear can still joyfully listen to the Latina sound of the random band appears almost out of nowhere in the movie.

Yes, those are, to be called exactly, my very own — Movie Sensation.

Just as crazy and filled with love as those all-time classic as Sleepless in Seattle “when i hold her hand, it was like…magic….”

Oh, the photo in this post is also random. Everything random. Just as me myself. Just as Paddington. Or…

Just as “ the beat of my own heart”.

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