The perfect one

It’s not only one of these long, long sleepless nights that got me to thinking: Would all that standards, expectations, rules, wishes, dreams matter, when it comes to the right one?

For me, it isn’t.

I’m the All-in type of gal. The asian horoscope even states it; some weird stars combination in my Life Book have led me to the way I am and definitely will be for the rest of my life. The most fragile, sensitive, loving, honest, purest heart that can ever be created. Yes, I am one of those.

I feel so blessed to have known and shared that feeling. That exact feeling, with someone special. I would always have butterflies twirling my stomach every-single-time I get to see him. I would always tremble in his touch. I would just lay peacefully next to him not knowing what tomorrow could have brought. It was me and him, no one else, nothing else.

People use games and tricks to get it done, to seal the deal, tie the man. Me? I never try any of those. It’s just not who I am. I wear my heart on my sleeve and my conscience give way to my blind heart. Yes it sounds suicidal (as I get killed all the time..) but not doing that would only suffer me even more. I live and breathe for the emotions, the beating of the heart, the existence of a truly in love moments…

So dearest Hubby, I refuse to let this world or any bad ones before you ruin the real me that you’ll fall for. I will meet you, in my purest form, with my brightest smile and all the whole wide world will have their jealousy climaxed when they know I dedicate myself to you, wholly…

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