I’m a fan of WebVR

We’ve long been a fan of the free and open web at DODOcase VR. As the first member of the Works with Google Cardboard program in 2014, we quickly understood that bringing droves content to VR was a critical to the growth of the market. This is not only important to smartphone VR, but also to home based systems such as Oculus and HTC Vive. In 2014, we successfully funded our DIYVR campaign to invest in Open Source tools being developed by Tony Parisi. To us and many of our custom branded VR partners, WebVR has been an amazingly efficient development platform.

We’ve been excited by the amount of work being done by the Mozilla team on their A-Frame WebVR platform (a web framework for building interactive virtual reality experiences) and the work SketchFab has been doing to build a large community of real time assets. Mozilla and SketchFab recently concluded their first Real-Time Design Challenge inspiring members of the SketchFab community to stretch their skills and create Medieval Fantasy scenes.

The grand prize winner was taking home a VR ready laptop and an Oculus Rift headset. All participants walked away with a limited edition Mozilla / SketchFab custom branded virtual reality viewer.

DODOcase VR was selected as a partner to provide custom branded google cardboard headsets to the participants.