One Game Announces Token Rush Top Scoring Winners for Week Two! 🥇

💸Week Two top scorers, You will receive OGT for being top scorers in the next 24 hours! Rush for the One Game Tokens! Get paid to play!

One Game is excited to announce the second batch of Token Rush winners and will be sending OGT to the winners in 24 hours! 💰

Competition Rules

From August 14th to August 20th, 66,666 OGT will be won by the top 20% of users each week. Of these, 6,666 were allocated to the top 10, 10,000 to the top 50, and 50,000 were shared by all each week. Within each tier, the tokens will be allocated based on the number of points proportionately. The winners are announced at the end of each week.

Competition Winners!

Check to see if your are ranked as a top scorer in week two! Big congratulations to those who won! 💸

Additional information

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