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Jul 18, 2018 · 5 min read

One Game Public Crowdsale is conducted inside the One Game Avatar Wallet on July 20, 2018 GMT! Complete your KYC in the Avatar Wallet early and be ready for 10% Bonus!

The entire One Game KYC and Crowdsale will be conducted inside the Avatar Wallet.

Register, complete your KYC, and deposit ETH in the fully functional ERC20 wallet. Avatar Wallet is available at

How to Contribute

Step 1: Go to Avatar Wallet at

Step 2: Click on Not registered yet? to start the registration process.

Step 3: Select your country and enter your phone number.

Step 4: Click Send Code. A confirmation code will be generated and texted to your phone.

Step 5: After your receive the confirmation code via text, enter this code into the confirmation code input and click Next Step. You will be directed to Registration (2/2).

Step 6: Enter your password, email address, and referral code (if you have one.). Then click the Register button and you will be taken to the screen below to Create Your Avatar.

Step 7: Please spend a few minutes to choose your avatar’s features! Once you choose your avatar’s features and created your avatar, you will be locked to this avatar for the duration of the One Game Public Crowdsale. You can scroll right and left to see more feature selections. Below, this new avatar now has pretty eyes and neon green hair. Neat!

Step 8: Once you are happy with the avatar’s look, click Create My Avatar and see you Avatar in action.

Step 9: Now, we are all set. Click on the upper left hand button, currently showing 0 balance in OGT, and enter into your wallet.

Step 10: Here, inside this fully functional ERC20 wallet, you will see your Ethereum wallet deposit address displayed. Depositing ETH in to this wallet address will allow you to contribute to the Crowdsale. We introduce a contribution button to let you contribute ETH to the Crowdsale once you complete the KYC.

The balances of ETH and OGT (One Game Token) are currently 0. This is expected as you have not deposit ETH, or received OGT yet.

You may deposit/send ETH from any account (MyEtherWallet, Mist, any exchange wallet) to this wallet address to prepare for your contribution during the Crowdsale event. Once you contribute ETH, you will see the balance reflected in your wallet’s ETH balance.

Step 11. Now to complete the KYC, on the top navigation, select Token Sale and you should be taken to the One Game Know Your Client (KYC) page, where you may enter your KYC information and upload a photo of your passport or other government issued identification.

Please complete this KYC form and submit in order to complete your KYC. You are now all set for the Crowdsale. Congratulations!

Step 12. After the KYC is approved, transfer ETH to the wallet using the address provided in the Wallet using “Copy to Clipboard”. Once ETH has been transferred to wallet, you will see your ETH balance here. Please take into consideration of the gas price when you transfer ETH. The minimal amount to contribute is 0.2 ETH. Please consider gas costs. Please submit at least 0.21 ETH, and submit as much as 100 ETH (200 ETH for early birds).

Step 13. Click on Token Sale. Put in the number of ETH you want to use to purchase OGT. Again please make sure you cover the fee.

Step 14. Click OK.

Step 15. You can check the purchase record by clicking “check” at the bottom.

Step 16. In Wallet, you should see your OGT balance now.

One Game will offer a bonus of 10% for Tier 1 (the first 25% of hardcap contribution), and a bonus of 5% for Tier 2 (the next 25% of hardcap contribution). Therefore, the earlier you are set for the Crowdsale, the more likely you will be able to obtain the 10% bonus.

The bonus balance will be given immediately when distributing OGT, be available for withdrawal after the conclusion of the Crowdsale. Register early in the Avatar Wallet and receive your bonus!

Avatar Wallet FAQ

How can I contribute ETH in the Crowdsale?
First, you need to pass the KYC. Please complete the KYC form inside the Avatar Wallet. KYCs are being processed on a rolling basis. Once the KYC is processed, you will be able to see a “Contribute” button in the wallet that allows you to contribute ETH.

Can I deposit my ETH or OGT in the Avatar Wallet?
Yes, you may deposit ETH and OGT into this Avatar Wallet, or withdraw ETH and OGT from this Avatar Wallet.

Why can’t I withdraw my OGT tokens?
This is likely because your wallet has 0 balance in ETH. To send transactions on the Ethereum network, you need to provide gas. Please deposit a small amount of ETH to use as gas for the transaction. You can check the current network gas amount here:

For any questions, please join us on One Game Official Telegram: The admins will be available to answer your questions.

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