Everything You Need to Know about One Messenger — Part 1

Ever get tired of having to switch between different apps to carry out certain tasks? The new One Messenger app is here to change all that. This innovative new app seamlessly combines multiple communication features and lets you connect with people more easily using one platform. One Messenger is unique in that it addresses all the challenges of other chat and messaging apps — whether it’s with privacy, multi-device login, video calling, audio calling, or audio messaging.

Misplaced your phone? Access One Messenger through any other device

There’s a horde of messaging apps in the app store today, which means people are faced with a dilemma about which app to use. In most apps, you can only communicate with others who have the same app so you’ll need to consider that too when finding the right chat app. But what if you don’t have to worry about any of that? Yes, One Messenger makes communication simpler by connecting you with your friends regardless of which channel (app, email or SMS) they use.

With One Messenger, you can send messages to your friends even if they don’t have the app installed. They can receive the message either through SMS or through email, whichever you prefer. They can then reply to the message and you’ll be receiving their replies in the app. The same goes for when you don’t have the app installed. You can still send out messages through email and your friends will be able to read it using the app.

This multi device login feature tackles many issues people face today when they happen to lose their phone, misplace it, or have it repaired. The best part is that One Messenger gives you a simultaneous login feature, which means that you don’t have to specifically log out of one device in order to use it on other devices.

Explicit confirmation, if you want

No more spams

One of the biggest setbacks of chat and messaging apps is that they are lacking in terms of providing privacy to their users. You may have blocked a certain person on Whatsapp but that person can still send you messages through other numbers. Annoying, right? Our team has worked hard in enhancing this feature so that users can maintain their privacy to the maximum and have a pleasant experience using the app.

What’s unique about One Messenger is that it enables you to turn off auto confirm. By doing this, you will need to explicitly confirm all communication requests for both groups and private chats. You will only be getting messages that you wish to receive. So One Messenger addresses the issue of filtering out spam messages and unwanted messages from people you wish to avoid.

Video Call

Seamless communication through a single platform

The One Messenger app, as the name suggests, offers multiple communication features in a single app. You won’t need to install an app just for making video calls and another app just for chat. It supports audio calls and text chat as well as video calls. This can cut down the number of apps you need to install which use up precious space on your phone. Why not use the extra space for storing more music or photos?

The team behind One Messenger has worked tirelessly to deliver the most comprehensive chat app that addresses the most common challenges of other chat apps. They carefully studied the features other apps were lacking in, so that they can enhance One Messenger with that feature. Curious about what else this app can do? Keep a lookout for the next post that will discuss more amazing features of the One Messenger app.

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