Apple just told the world it has no idea who the Mac is for
Owen Williams

For the longest time whenever anyone asked me why I was using a Mac and/or an iPhone my answer was that I’ve bought into the Apple ecosystem for now and all these things just work really well together to make my life easier.

Now it seems that ecosystem is crumbling and the only actual parts of it that Apple is willing to put thought and money into are the iPhone and iPad. Hell I was even hoping for an updated iPod this past iPhone event but didn’t get that.

As a power user I’ve always felt that making a phone or computer thinner is great if it truly merits it but if Apple’s able to squeeze the same or better hardware in a thinner model, I’d rather use the same old (thin) thickness for more battery so I can at least use my computer or phone for longer without charging it.

I came to OSX (macOS) from Linux 8 years ago and it looks like it might be time for me to head back to Linux since the ecosystem might no longer be left around to make my life easier and the hardware might be better too.

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