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We have introduced Free Source Code on our website, Piece.

You can download the Source Code for Free and integrate the code in your application.

Please checkout Free source one on Piece —

1. Fibonacci sequence generator

The application generate the amount of numbers from the Fibonacci sequence you specified. It can record the result in a text file.

For more details, Please refer to —

2. Realtime Hex Bin Dec Converter

· This application convert a integer in different bases in realtime.

· Simply type or paste a integer value in one of the field (decimal, hexadecimal, binary or octal) and it will be converted and displayed in the other formats in realtime. Spaces are added to the displayed values to make them more easily readable.

· The application uses angular’s two ways binding to display the results in realtime. As the values need processing we use a getter and a setter for each property to be displayed.

· You can very easily change a displayed format, from octal to base 6 for example by modifying the parameters when calling the “Convert()” method.

For more details, Please refer to —

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