I’ve spent almost two weeks writing this. At first it was too personal, then it became too anecdotal, so I’ve settled on a list of things which I think are concrete lessons I can impart, and which are easily digestible. Hope you find it useful!

eCommerce is hard.

The startup world is largely populated by tech people. Or led by tech people. I think that eCommerce went through a phase where technology was a barrier to entry, but that phase is over and it’s now becoming a barrier to growth, markets and customer data. In other words, most retailers are now doing something…

Like any industry, eCommerce is just beginning to mature, so what are the next opportunities for disruption?

cc Moyan Brenn

What’s changed?

The barriers to entry are no longer technology or software

Most retailers now understand that a multi-channel approach is the minimum required, and have a technology stack, where some will be better than others. Most smaller businesses will outsource this cost, most medium businesses will have in-house teams, and the very large will have a combination of in-house, outsourced and agency teams all working on their eCommerce proposition. The emphasis on constant adaptation will increase as the competition heats up, so stagnant websites will mean decreasing customer loyalty. …

Gareth Knight

Founder & MD: Wedo. Founder & Evangelist: Tech4Africa. I like building something from nothing.

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