Shop Keeping, Episode 3

Can I Help You?

Nov 17, 2019 · 2 min read

The task I estimated would take four to six weeks took almost four months. Getting a little shop ready to open is a time hungry business.

Late October, 2016 was time to begin. Lots still needed doing, but I really had to open in time to make Christmas sales.

Recently, I read an Edinburgh shopkeeper writing about the early days in her shop. She felt irritated when people asked if it was a Pop Up. Looking back, she understood why they had asked.

I sympathise. I opened knowing there was a journey ahead; it was a journey I looked forward to.

Goodness, it was sparse. But from the beginning I loved my shop. I would “raise” it as I had raised my children. My shop’s principal influence would be me; in addition family, friends, customers, community, would make their mark. The result would be a shop that “grew up” within the community, part of me and part of the town.

The love I get from customers tells me it has been a worthwhile journey.

Thanks for reading. I’m happy to answer your questions. Ask me anything!

Three years later!

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Food writing, living in the Scottish Borders.

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