Building a cookbook

Recipe book part 1: Inspiration

Check out my progress for this recipe book app on Github

  1. Building a cookbook
  2. Using small steps to complete a large project

My mother’s recipes are spread across many different media formats, from index cards, to word documents, to printed books. Because everything has been shuffled around over the years, I want to create a single place where my mother can store everything.

I have thought of this before, but did not have the drive until I saw a working proof-of-concept by @jordonbyron. This app allows users to submit new recipes, including ingredients, directions, even tags. All recipes are publicly viewable with no login required. The app was designed using Bootstrap, allowing for clean desktop and mobile interfaces.

As a learning exercise, I will build everything from scratch, rather than forking the existing project. Although I am familiar with Rails, the ideas I have for this app will implement gems I have yet to work with, such as devise for user authentication. And with a hard deadline, I would rather not spend too much time learning a new framework.

Hopefully my mother won’t come across this series when I post to social media!

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