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I hate dropdowns. They’re largely unwieldy and rarely better suited than an input field assisted with some sort of text suggestion plugin like Lea Verou’s amazing Awesomplete. This video boggles the mind. How does someone add this many options and assume the visitor won’t get overwhelmed quickly?

I understand that in this example, it’s meant to be an amusing and funny extra. The problem it highlights though is one of usability.

From the start of the registration process on this company site, we’re met with a number of items to choose from. Yes, we have the common entries up…

I’m writing this right now in-between shallow breaths and a rapidly increasing dread of the future.

Last night, the GOP House took their first step in gutting the ACA by refusing to protect the current ACA’s coverage of pre-existing conditions. Last night, every one of you that voted for a Republican candidate said you were okay with my death.

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I wouldn’t shed a tear if every one of these assholes died tomorrow.

I have HIV

I have been slowly taking my time coming out to others as HIV+. For the longest time, it has been about me taking charge of a chronic condition and not being scared to deal with it.

At this point, most people…

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The death of DOMA & the importance of being seen.

I woke up this morning at the same time I do practically every other day, 6:45am. But this would be a more salient morning: today was the day I would find out whether or not the Supreme Court of the United States of America thought that I deserve to be treated the same as my heterosexual family and friends. In 15 minutes I would find out if the federal government would treat my future husband and me the same as others. Not better, just… the same. And then it did.

This was a huge win for my LGBTQ friends and…

Christopher Kennedy

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