1. ONE Dapp updated to V2.5.5.

2. Optimized ONE Wallet, renamed some functions “Trading Wallet” became “Cross-chain Wallet”, “Online Wallet” became “Charge Wallet”. Added trading protocal of EOS cryptocurrencies and “Search” function.

3. Optimized the Trading section of ONE, the exchange interface is divided into ONE Cross-chain Trading and EOS intra-chain Trading.

4. Optimized ONE community feature to improve the group chat performance.

5. Implemented smart gesture password login.

6. Lunched out OneDex the official version, the truly decentralized exchange, supports all blockchain system, and fait coming soon.

7. The first social SDK of ONE, OneChat, upgraded new…

AirDropsDAC’s tokens was stolen by the unknown hacker(s) on Nov-12th 2018, some of the Tokens were sold on Newdex and the profit of 2514 EOS were transferred into several accounts, one of OneChain’s testing accounts (account gizdkmjvhege) got involved in this incident.

This account is one of OneChain’s testing accounts (account: gizdkmjvhege),which is a EOS creation account, original public key is : EOS7BqvZ2JScja9dsX9z81QoAehHX5Zixf66uzYqZqdnFkRhHB1Ns.

It was hacked by an unknown person or persons On Oct-24–2018, and after that this account was not controlled by OneChain.

The public key of OneChain’s testing account was changed by an unknown person.Oct-24–2018.

In order to give assistance to AirDropsDAC and other involved project conduct investigation on the hack…

OneDex- the first completely decentralized exchange base on EOS

We are proud to say that this marks another significant milestone in OneChain history.

OneDex is another product released by OneChain team, which is the first completely decentralized exchange based on EOS. Leveraging blockchain technology, OneDex aims to offer access to practicable cryptocurrency-trading at a low cost, with no need for deposits and a high degree of security. Orders and matching are all processed on chain, which means a high level of data transparency and strong real-time performance.

Also, OneDex supports all EOS based crypto assets, listing the new launched tokens automatically and open trading pairs immediately. All you need…

what’s new in version 2.5.0:

1. Onedex- The first completely decentralized exchange based EOS, beta version has been launched.

2. Optimized Wallet, renamed some functions.

3. Redivided Trading into simpler two parts: ONE cross-chain trading and EOS intra-chain.

4. Smart gesture password login.

5. New Dapp listed on Discover: OneDex、Bet Dice、巫师游戏、EOS2 LOT、账户交易、TPDex and PRA糖果.

6. Enable to register EOS account in ONE, only 39.9 CNYA needed. Besides, 15 CNYA invitation rewards will be gave to you if you invite a friend to register.

7. Other bug fixes and improvements.


  1. ONE Dapp upgraded to V2.4.6.
  2. ONE Discover added new Dapp “EOS 天眼”.
  3. ONE Mining pool added three new crypto assets: LOVEYOU, XM and HC.
  4. ONE Exchange listed FAN & LOVEYOU/EOS trading pair.
  5. ONE updated IOS distribution certificate.
  6. Updated the contents of Help Center in ONE Dapp.
  7. Onedex- The first completely decentralized exchange based on EOS move from development to test.


  1. OneChat- the first associate Dapp of ONE SDK, listed on App Store in China main land.
  2. Updated reports and newsletters in Huobi’s Project Center.
  3. Updated OneChain Show episode 3, educated knowlafges about private keys and mnemonics

1. OneChain listed on Huobi_Global’s Project Center.

2. ONE listed on exchange, opened ONE/USDA trading pair.

3. ONE Dapp V2.4.4 implemented support Chinese character mnemonics, and it will support many other languages in the future. We aim to build a global mnemonics system that make users around the world could use it easily whatever the language they speak.

4. Lunched the first social SDK in blockchain world, and its associated APP OneChat.

5. ONE upgraded to V2.4.0, supported FIBOS account registration and opened FO/CNYA trading pair. Added FO Exchange in Me -> Dapp, you can exchange FO/EOS one-click. …

Dear supporters,

We are proud to announcement that ONE has upgrade to V2.2.4. Lots of very interesting NEW functions has been implemented in ONE.

1. Added new function Discover.

2. And listed 6 Third-party Dapp on Discover, they are Newdex, 莫与一键发币, Luckyplaza, ITE Dice, EOS像素 and EOS乐透.

3. Implemented pulling down the Chat interface, the recently used Dapp will show up.

4. BIG ONE! Implemented Supporting Chinese characters mnemonics.

5. Improved Red Packet form styling to highlight important UI elements.

6. New function: Share the group.

7. Fixed some bugs.

If you have any questions, hit us up on the telegram.

An introduction on what’s new and a series of short tutorials on how to use ONE Dapp ,refer to here.

We hope to hear from you, any form of feedback will help to make our product better.

Thanks for reading!

Download Dapp:



What is an SDK?

At the simplest level, a software development kit (SDK) is made up of lines of code — written by a third party — that can be added to digital applications to support new capabilities. And while SDKs are widely associated with mobile native apps, it’s possible to make use of them in connection with websites, set-top boxes, and other digital platforms.

In general, SDKs are a spectrum of software intended to make apps and other digital platforms more dynamic with less work and less headaches for the company that controls them. “It provides elements that might…

OneChain’s August Newsletter

1. ONE listed on Coineal exchange in South Korea and activated ETH trading pair .

2. ONE Dapp upgraded to version V2.3.1, optimized the interface and functions including “Black Gold Skin”, “Help Center” and “Other service” etc.

3. ONE Dapp upgraded to version V2.3.8, optimized“Fiat Transact”, and canceled the charge fee of Top-up.

4. In order to meet the demand of assets diversification, ONE has reclassified ONE wallets: Multichain Wallet, Trade Wallet and Online Wallet.

5. Updated Apple Certificates(zolotaya gora, ooo).

6. OneChain has reached strategic cooperation with VictCoin exchange of Singapore, OneChain’s founder Kenny Huang will be the technical…

Dear community,

Currently, many communities related to blockchain and cryptocurrency are blocked in China, many projects are at risk of losing contact with their users. As ONE now has 550,000 registered users, adhering to the theme of “resource sharing and win-win cooperation”, we actively invite all the users to build our community together.

ONE is a decentralized social platform, information safety assurance, usable without VPN, all your info is on chain, it will never lost or be banned once you create your account. …


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