OneChain’s Nov Report


1. ONE Dapp updated to V2.5.5.

2. Optimized ONE Wallet, renamed some functions “Trading Wallet” became “Cross-chain Wallet”, “Online Wallet” became “Charge Wallet”. Added trading protocal of EOS cryptocurrencies and “Search” function.

3. Optimized the Trading section of ONE, the exchange interface is divided into ONE Cross-chain Trading and EOS intra-chain Trading.

4. Optimized ONE community feature to improve the group chat performance.

5. Implemented smart gesture password login.

6. Lunched out OneDex the official version, the truly decentralized exchange, supports all blockchain system, and fait coming soon.

7. The first social SDK of ONE, OneChat, upgraded new version with all new features, support social network, wallet and OneDex exchange.

8. ONE Discover listed a variety of new Dapps and added classification function. New Dapps are OneDex, TPDex, BetDice, PRA Candy box, DAppCPU, EOSPark, Account Exchange, Wizard Games, EOS2LOT, ETH block, EOS block etc.

9. Shut down the service of Crypto Divident.

10. Updated IOS distribution certificate of ONE.


1. OneChat listed on Apple App Store in Chinese mainland region.

2. Register EOS account activity.

3. Made and released OneChain Show E5 on Sina Weibo.

4. Thanksgiving Day poster.

5. The founder and CEO of OneChain, Kenny Huang, published the article on Chinese crypto media outlet- Cointime, talked about the security issues of OneDex and EOS.


1. A partnership with Bitpie Wallet, TokenPocket, 51Token, ZebraWallet, PocketEOS, EOS LIVE, EosToken, BitPortal, Starteos Wallet.

2. A partnership with many Dapp stores and listed ONE&OneDex on.

3. ONE garner EBTC Golden Ear reward nomination in “The Most Popular Wallet in Blockchain 2018 ”.

4. Collaboration with Delink, jointly hosted “Double 11 SBC Bargain” activity

5. A partnership with, provided publicity support for its new version crypto market software “Bee Check”.

6. Jointly hosted the “Warm the Bear Market in Black Friday”, sent 50 EOS and 5000OTC in ONE community.

7. Provided exchange support for the first EOS Dapp games live steam event that co-hosted by ROVegas, ZebraWallet and 51Token. All the tokens in the event can be traded on OneDex.

About OneChain team

The core team behind OneChain includes cryptography engineers, experienced EOS-based applications developers and veteran entrepreneur. We all share on top of our passion for blockchain and decentralization a deep conviction that developing pragmatic EOS-based exchange as any other, focused on releasing and iterating on products, will help the ecosystem in a synergetic way with theoretically brilliant white papers.

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