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Receive a 10k CREA Energy (CGY) delegation for each CREA purchase over 50€.

The largest social network for creatives in the blockchain universe does not stop adding new talents and we want to celebrate it with a special offer.

From Onecomet we want to support all the people who join the community and get the CREA cryptocurrency from our credit card purchase service. For this reason we offer a bonus of 10,000 delegated CREA Energy for 90 days for those users who obtain CREA during the month of October.

Thanks to this Creative Energy comet you will have more voting power in the community and your rewards as a curator will be much higher for 90 days. …

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With Onecomet you can now buy CREA tokens easily with credit or debit card.

Creativechain FDN launches this simple tool with the aim of facilitating the purchase process of CREA for newcomers to the exciting universe of cryptocurrencies.

Accessing cryptocurrency markets often becomes a complex task for most people. The user interface of an exchange is often scary because of its apparent data complexity. This makes it difficult in general to adopt blockchain technology by most users.

Onecomet is focused on users who want to increase their CREA token portfolio quickly using the most widespread current purchase methods, such as credit / debit card purchases. …

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Buying CREA now is easier than ever thanks to Onecomet.co
This simple web platform offers us a way to obtain CREA instantly using our credit card or G Pay.

The steps are the following:

Step 1

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1- Indicate the quantity (in Euro) that you want to buy. If you want to calculate your local currency, you can use this converter: https://www.xe.com/en/currencyconverter/

2- Choose the currency you want to get in return. In this case, we will select CREA.

3- Once this is done, you will see that a summary appears indicating the CREA you will get in exchange for the amount in Euro selected. …



Buy CREA easily with credit / debit card, G Pay & Apple Pay.

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