OneDayBTC — NFT Wrapped Bitcoin

OneDayBTC — NFT Wrapped Bitcoin. An ambitious art project at the intersection of art and finance, Singaporean innovation and British restraint.

1. The project displays not only a collection, but also a philosophy, a theory of a new type of crypto instrument — Pasters, an art “derivative” (opens access to the values ​​of the past, unlike futures and options that trade in the future).

2. OneDayBTC gives an existential experience of getting bitcoin in 2010, which is very inspiring for every crypto enthusiast who did not have time to buy bitcoin in the early years of 2010–2015, when it cost from 5 cents. This makes everyone very excited, we get a lot of joyful responses waiting for the launch of the project.

The concept of Pasters (an art derivative) will be consistently disclosed on the website and our accounts on twitter, discord, telegram. We will publish the Pasters model, as well as various cases of its application in NFT in different areas of our lives. NFT is a unique format that allows you to synthesize previously unthinkable and incompatible things. We intend to unleash the full potential for our readers.

Technology and value of wrapped bitcoin in NFT

OneDayBTC turned Bitcoin into an NFT by scattering the Bitcoin chart into daily candles. Then a light Artificial Intelligence reassembled each candle and its historical data into 3D format. Next, the designers designed everything in an NFT image. On launch day, we will convert each candle into an NFT token through an ERC 721 contract and publish the collection on NFT-wrapped Bitcoin will be launched on March 1, 2022. The price of each NFT will correspond to the historical price. For example, NFT OneDayBTC on August 1, 2010 costs only $0.06 and this is the highest mathematical expectation of its value increase.


Here are just a few of the NFT use cases suggested by our community.

- The possibility of earning. Remember that this is just a game.
- Collect — buy “Rare”, or a whole week or a month.
- Play simulated hedging transactions with real bitcoin, use it as a game reverse futures or option. (not a real directive, it’s still art)
- Buy a day when there was a stop loss or a big loss on this day in the past. Close mentally and emotionally a historic loss by buying back all day.
- Acquire valuable historical status as the first buyer of Pasters products. Be on the crest of a wave.
- To use one more chance to have an existential experience of buying bitcoin in 2010 (wrapped bitcoin in NFT) in order not to regret, to close the gestalt and pain of eternal regret. Be an early owner of a whole day of bitcoin.
- Make prints on clothes, there are already examples in crypto arts.
- Surprise your friends. After all, this will become a huge rarity over time. Total 4178nft. And only about 600 for the first two or three years.
- Buy NFT from this collection to get access to the exclusive (2009 can only be bought by owners of any day from the current one).


The collection includes not only trading data, but also external world events from the life of bitcoin and society. Price records, country recognition, hard forks, Elon Musk’s tweets, ATH, LowPrice and much more can be found on the site in the “Rare” section.


Every year we will launch a sequel — OneDayBTC 2022, 2023 and beyond. We are also announcing the launch of OneDayETH — wrapped in NFT Etherium, which will take place in the summer of 2022.

Partnerships and collaborations

We invite everyone to interact with our project. We are open and strategically looking to the future.

Info & Resources

Launch March 1, 2022



The materials presented in the article do not constitute individual investment recommendations. NFT OneDayBTC — art and some technology for an existential experience of a nostalgic return to 2010. Remember that this is a game, does not guarantee profit.
The financial instruments or transactions referred to in this article may not be suitable for you, may be high risk, may not suit your investment profile, financial position, investment experience, knowledge, investment objectives, attitude to risk and return. Determining risk fit is the task of the investor. The authors are not responsible for possible losses of the investor in the event of transactions or investing in the financial instruments mentioned in this article. The information cannot be considered as a public offer, offer or invitation to purchase or sell any securities, other financial instruments, or make transactions with them. The information cannot be considered as guarantees or promises in the future of the return on investment, the level of risk, the amount of costs, the break-even of investments. Before making an investment decision, the Investor must independently assess the economic risks and benefits, tax, legal, accounting consequences of concluding a transaction, his willingness and ability to accept such risks. The information and opinions provided are based on public sources. In view of the foregoing, one should not rely solely on the materials presented to the detriment of an independent analysis. The authors are not responsible for the use of this information, for direct or indirect damage resulting from the use of this information, as well as for its accuracy.




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OneDayBTC — NFT Wrapped Bitcoin

OneDayBTC — NFT Wrapped Bitcoin

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