Captain America Calling…

Response to Anders’ Rasmussen’s Will to Lead

Captain American Calling, Can You Help Me Now I’m Falling

The US went into Iraq under false pretenses. Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction (Bush’s and the Neo Cons premise for invasion), Iraq was not threatening the USA, Iraq did not attack the USA on 9/11, and none of the 9/11 hijackers were from Iraq. The USA initiated and waged a war of aggression against a distant, vulnerable nation that was not threatening the USA at all. Subsequently, the US military took out Iraq’s leader Saddam Hussein and then occupied the country we invaded before aborting attempts at ‘nation building’, attempts which collapsed — Iraq is now a failed state fallen into utter chaos and suffers a wretched fate that goes with being a failed state.

Is anyone held accountable for the immense suffering involved? What purpose was served by the death, destruction, and funding (over $2 trillion) of this deathly tragedy by the US taxpayer — were there any benefits whatsoever to anyone from victim to assailant? Is anyone liable for this tragic failure — or are the perpetrators, safely in a distant, well-buffered homeland enjoying a cushy life and given generous speaking fees, high-salaried jobs as lobbyists and even considered pundits and some even have libraries and buildings named in their honor and some paint as a hobby.

Similarly, the USA was involved in the deathly military action against Libya — can Americans explain why they funded this military campaign? Libya’s leader was duly assassinated. Libya subsequently became a failed state with millions of people suffering and continuing to suffer because of the misguided, forceful intervention.

Regarding Syria, up to now, outside forces have not killed Syria’s commander-in-chief and yet Syria is in utter chaos and a failed state primarily because of the misguided decisions of politicians from distant lands.

It begs the question of sanity in our leaders and their advisors. No matter what they have been doing in the Middle East/Northern Africa/Central Asia, the lethal results seem to be the same — failed operations and failed states with no conceivable benefit of military campaigns waged with borrowed money. It is time to stop — stop intervening, stop wasting lives, stop wasting money and resources — cease the deathly meddling and finally focus on the USA instead.

Still, the US maintains military forces in most countries around the world and is the largest arms manufacturer and distributor and largest contributor to NATO, too. Can the average taxpayer (the main funders of NATO and the US military) even describe what NATO does with money taken from taxpayers without their representation?

Beyond the Military Industrial Complex, the USA gives massive foreign ‘aid’ to many countries and still the US allows newly arrived immigrants to receive welfare benefits. Nevertheless, many immigrants send billions of dollars in remittances out of the USA and back to the countries where they were born. The US is basically sending millions of manufacturing jobs to other countries, too, to Mexico, China and around the world while allowing millions to immigrate to the USA both legally and illegally. The USA is hemorrhaging money on these ill-conceived arrangements with few conceivable benefits to US citizens. It would be fantastic fiction if it were not a jumbled, scar-faced reality.

Beyond the domestic mess, the US is the largest contributor to the UN, and what does this mammoth bureaucracy called the UN do? Can the funders of it (again, largely the US taxpayers fund the UN, a labyrinthine organization that doesn’t produce anything for income but relies on its donors, mainly the USA) give an account of the UN or again are the funders being billed (taxed) without representation and with scant knowledge of how their money is spent…spent by faceless bureaucrats enjoying generous, tax-free salaries and worldwide diplomatic immunity?

The ghastly story continues with the US sending trillions of dollars to ‘bailout’ countries funded by the World Bank as well as to other central banks and financial institutions around the world. This was especially rampant during the recent financial crisis of 2008 and beyond. Well, if the US is bailing them out then shouldn’t we know what recipients are doing and planning to do with our generous bailouts (are these recipients ‘ too big to suffer’ too as millions of people suffer as a result of their actions — millions suffering for want of work, shelter, and food). Just what does this say about the World Bank and the cronies who run it and how do they benefit the US taxpayers who largely fund them…fund them unwittingly without any choice in the matter?

Meanwhile, back in the USA, millions of citizens are homeless, millions are jobless (over 94 million are jobless by recent estimates), millions of people go hungry every day (over 40 million according to other estimates). Approximately 25% of the homeless are veterans who fell prey to dishonest leaders and fought the ruinous wars that their civilian leaders would not fight themselves or allow their sons and daughters to fight, e.g., Dick Cheney received five deferments to avoid the Vietnam War. Yet, Cheney was a driving force and proponent of the war against Iraq and wars of aggression in distant lands under false pretenses (even when Hans Blix, then head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, and others informed us that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and when Joe Wilson tried to prove there was no yellow cake uranium from Niger going to Iraq, Wilson’s wife a CIA agent was outed and exposed and endangered in order to silence Wilson.)

Many of the USA’s veterans as well as elderly citizens and other citizens cannot get the health care they need including not being able to afford the medications they need and cannot afford dental care. The list of troubles goes on, yet we have money for foreign aid, the UN and NATO, illegal immigrants, and wars against countries who did not attack us and who were not threatening us.

With so many people in the USA in terrible circumstances, why is the USA hemorrhaging blood money and resources for other countries while at the same time allowing millions of immigrants (both legal and illegal) and refugees to swarm in to the USA and crowd an already crowded welfare system creating social tension at the lowest rungs of the financial ladder on up?

Some of the immigrants coming in are skilled workers — well, what then of the skilled labor loss in their home countries — a vacuum created when these skilled immigrants left countries needing their skills more than the US? If the US enforced its valid immigration laws then citizens of other countries might focus on their own countries and inspire positive change in their countries including in their own governments.

Let’s look at the example of the USA’s southern neighbor Mexico. It gained independence from Spain almost 200 years ago (September 16, 1821). Presently, they are at the door step of the world’s largest consumer market, and they are the second largest exporter of oil to the USA. Mexico therefore has an abundance of opportunity to go along with a richness of natural resources including oil money and access to both the Atlantic and Pacific ocean trade routes as well as overland routes to the USA. How is it that Mexico is still wallowing in corruption and poverty almost 200 years later and to the extent that many hard-working Mexican citizens want to abandon their homeland for jobs in another nation as well strive for educational opportunities for their children in the USA?

In nearly two hundred years, what has been done to transform Mexico to a paradise of the Americas that it could be? Even the heavily influential Pope and Catholic Church (Mexico is over 80% Catholic) encourages Mexicans to flee to the US rather than transform the Mexican homeland by building infrastructure and schools, hospitals, weed out corruption, start businesses and so forth so that they can become prosperous, healthy, and happy within their own homeland and own culture and then become trading partners of the USA and world.

If the USA cannot take care of the people in the USA who need help, then how can they allow more people in who need massive amounts of help, arriving in need of scarce to non-existent resources (the debt is nearing $20 Trillion and this does not include the massive Social Security and Medicare debts)? Isn’t this a recipe for even more social tension and breakdown as job-seekers and workers get displaced by the newly arrived workforce as the USA goes deeper in debt to help outsiders?

The USA needs jobs, health care for citizens, education and so on as much as other countries need the same for themselves. Let other countries do for themselves what the US might do for itself, too.

Then countries around the world might then live peaceably with neighbors, spending local money emphasizing local education and encouraging local enterprise and ingenuity, building their own nations and becoming trading partners with each other, too.

First, the US has grave lessons to be learned from Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and so on — it cannot force its military will and might on vulnerable people and cannot expect to see democracy and freedom flourish in other countries unless these countries are laying most of the groundwork themselves. Tragic amounts of lives and resources have been wasted, wasted on this perilous lesson while the perpetrators are continually honored back home as if nothing happened abroad while the tragedy they manufactured will last a lifetime and beyond — people impacted include heroic veterans — a group with terribly high homelessness and suicide rates.

Let each country work hard without interference and of its own will and with its own people to build schools and educate teachers, doctors, and engineers and perhaps embrace ideas from the so-called Enlightenment, which encouraged reason to solve problems, and individual liberty and enterprise to grow prosperity.

Even the statesman Plato observed that a culture will cultivate what it honors. Let people around the world honor education, freedom of thought and speech, property rights, rule of law, and the freedom to have their say in voting and electing leaders — and perhaps their prosperity will skyrocket. But, the USA cannot do this for them. Countries themselves must want it more than outsiders cheering them onward. The USA cannot be the endless outlet that allows millions to flee their own countries for the USA, rather than doing the hard work of building and transforming their own countries.

When countries initiate their own providence, and stand up for their own freedom and rights without interference from foreigners then perhaps the USA will be able to join forces independently with them for the well-being of all people.