October 2nd, 2017.

“I don’t like this class.”

Your voice cut through the air and I stop scribbling on my notebook. Lowering my voice, I ask, “You don’t like what?”

“This class. The professor hates me.”

I chuckle. “You just have to fix that tardy habit of yours.”

“I can’t. I hate waking up early.”

I smile to myself.

Countless Mondays of our fifth semester, I learn that you’ve always been an opposite of me.

You hate sitting in front; I hate sitting in the far back. You hate reading textbook; I read almost half of them on our second Monday. You dislike waking up early; I’m a morning person.

You dislike Monday; and I like Monday the most.

Monday is the only day I get to be in the same class as you.

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