CustExp Driven by Social Media Intelligence.

Digital Technologies have changed the manner in which prospective customers interact with a brand — advent of social media has only extended this further by creating an iterative loop into the buying cycle.

Consider this. Had the internet been an elusive event, how would businesses scourge insights to create an impact on the buyer behavior? Innumerable disruptions would have remained just that: an idea. How does an idea leads to value proposition: evolving mindsets, gaining momentum, making a difference in millions?

Customer Experience is making and breaking businesses: with the recent example of #TasteTheFeeling concept, Coca Cola, has embodied the aspirations of their audiences aptly.

When it comes to insights from social media conversations, marketers have been grappling with measuring ROI’s for their initiatives; areas that are being covered (indicative) through analytics are outlined below in a McKinsey Global Institute survey.

It surely seems a long road ahead unwinding into a unknown destination as far as tapping a brand’s or service’s social media engagements; largely focused on business generation or retention, it lays a staid impression when it comes to tactics deployed to retain customers. Integrating one brand’s twitter followers into an email marketing campaign for one, using Marketing automation is being deployed: whether the ROI’s match up to those leads coming in via Organic Search remains a big question mark.