How to build Polymer components with Github and Travis
Ronny Roeller

Hey Ronny!

Thanks for this write up.. I’m in the process following your guide here and I’ve got a few questions about it..

Note: I @ mentioned you on this Github issue linking back to this article.

I’ve got everything working for the most part by following your steps written here along w/ another article on this topic written by Zisis Maras, However,,, I feel like I’m still doing to much manual work that can be automated. I’ve got a few questions…


  1. The script your linking to is throwing up a 404 page, but I ended up using the one from Zisis’ Blog. Is that inline w/ yours?
  2. Making the script executable with git update-index — chmod=+x can become tedious for each element. I’ve noticed that in your .travis.yml file, you’ve included a bower install -s …collaborne-build-tools.git along with a after_success: Is this your recommended way of solving the issue or are you doing this for another reason? What’s inside that collaborne-build-tools.git that I should take into consideration? How should I go about it adding this?
  3. In Travis CI we need to 2 Environment Variables provided by Github, GH_REF and GH_TOKEN. Is this something that we have to setup for EVERY repo manually inside Travis CI’s Settings? Or is there a place to set it globally? Looking at your .travis.yml example, I see the env: secure: — Is this where the 2 environment variables are stored and encrypted? If so, how should I go about it?
  4. Upon auto generating the demo & docs to Github Pages, is there a way to automatically update the demo & docs links along w/ the correct badges inside the file? Or does this have to be a manual process? I imagine this can be done via a generator-polymer-init Yeoman template, but if it can be solved w/ .travis.yml or script, I think it would be better.

Sorry for the bombardment of questions! I’m really trying to do this the right way…It’s one of those things that I’ve been putting off because I knew it would take a lot of getting out of my comfort zone for.

Any help you send my way will be greatly appreciated!