> Is it possible to execute gpages_build.sh script from an entire different repo?
Ronny Roeller

Hey there,

Just wanted to write back to let you know that everything I wanted to do is now working flawlessly :) … (Sorry I was such a bug!)

I was able to:

  • Centralize my build process so I no longer have to make the script executable for each repo (EXAMPLE)
  • Automate the GH_REF variable along w/ the org and repo variables in gpages_build.sh script via the TRAVIS_REPO_SLUG that Travis CI provides us (EXAMPLE)
  • Automate the GH_TOKEN encryption process via the .gitconfig [alias] file so I’m able to use the same "Personal Access Token” from Github repeatedly (without having to remember it). Now I simply write out the git gh-token and it will auto encrypt and add the value to my .travis.yml (EXAMPLE)

One of the biggest “Gotcha’s” in this whole process came from not understanding how the encrypted tokens worked. I was under the impression that I could encrypt once and never touch another .travis.yml file again. So while in one project, everything seemed to work perfectly..the next didn’t work. After pulling it apart, I learned travis encrypt ... --add only works for the repo you’re in, and this encryption process would need to happen in each new repo. It made lot of sense storing it as a simple git[alias] .

It’s been one helluva ride putting this together, but super glad I took the time out to do it.

Much appreciation man! Happy coding!

, Justin