I’m tired of seeing so many great ideas and entrepreneurial projects fall flat on their faces, nationwide… region-wide… Especially in the IT world.

People enter these ideas, pitch it around, receive competition winnings, government funding, and still…. within a year their facebook pages are dead, and the projects halt. I can’t tell you how many I came across in the recent weeks.

What happened? Perhaps with our Gov’t funded university degrees, no one is taught what it takes to follow through. Being taught Swift is great, but with no financial and marketing knowledge, a thousand mistakes are made with our great app ideas and then we give up when we’re not getting that attention we dreamed of or don’t know how to continue.

I think everyone has this dream where one draws a few wireframes on paper one night, and wakes up a 25 year old billionaire who doesn’t have to work another day in one’s life.

I don’t blame anyone for the crafting of that pipe dream — there’s no one to point a finger at for planting foolish ideas in our heads, but it’s easy to see where that culture has come from.

Maybe it’s our culture, all we were taught to do is the work it takes to finish the next 30% assignment, or cram the night before for the next seated exam. We’re not taught how to dedicate years, sleepless nights, blood, sweat and tears to achieve something great and see it to the end.

We aren’t taught how to handle rejection, we’re not taught how to endure. We’re not taught how to learn. We’re not taught how to teach.

We’re taught how to follow instructions, and that’s it.

What is happening here? the backlash is wider and runs deeper than anyone I know could have anticipated. We’re suffering from New Project ADD. I think we all have to work hard to see those faults in ourselves and reverse them. Revisit those old projects. Don’t abandon them. Make it better and supply the service you promised to give. They were great ideas — they still are. We have to stop waiting for someone else to see them through.