Women who think before reproducing are not mentally ill.

Agent: “Do you have any children?”
Me: “No, I don’t.”
Agent: “You mean no, not YET!”
Me: *blinks* “I mean no, I don’t have any children.”

I’m always annoyed and disturbed by people’s invasive and… man… I have no words left. I’m exhausted. All he needed to know was whether I had children or not. My intents and purposes for my womb are literally not anyone’s business besides my spouse’s and mine.

To those who mindlessly make “jokes” like this (because we all know the first defense against being called out on bs is to dismiss callousness as a weak attempt at humour), please stop seeing a childless woman as a person with a mental problem or a pre — pregnancy case or a “selfish girl”. What if she can’t reproduce? Or heaven forbid she is happy as an individual without a toddler on her hip and vomit on her shoulder. Give women the space and privacy over their breeding rights, please.

Women with or without kids get shamed anyway, especially if they don’t have exactly 2.5 kids, a dog and a paid off mortgage by age 33. It’s sad — and it’s irksome.