What an interesting read.
Andrei Stetsyk

No I don’t think you understand this at all.

All the “Asian stereotypes” are negative, universally unattractive and disenfranchising. It’s emasculating. Imagine grow up in a society where everyone tells you you have a tiny dick. It’s not a joke when you’re not considered a man. It will be hard for you to empathize without being in our shoes. It’s different from being mocked of an accent or stereotyped as nerdy. It’s sexual, and it takes away any ounce of dignity that’s left.

Only European accents are considered exotic in America. Being stereotyped as tall and cold is much much much better than being stereotyped as small dick and girly.

All these stereotypes have historical back drop. These were started to forcefully propagate racism and emasculate Asian men. In case of South Asian men, there’s a putrid story of British colonialism. These aren’t funny one liners- but malicious tools for white superiority. I can back all of these up with references.

Lastly, many of these stereotypes have their effects. Dating statistics, work place discrimination etc. You don’t see white European males facing the same. We face the damage- we’re paid less for our qualifications. We’re treated terribly in social situations. We’re excluded from dating pool. So it’s not a harmless joke at all. Articles such as this should spark conversations about racism. Not why it’s just laughable stereotypes.

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