Chandler Parsons, This is How You Win Over Memphis Basketball Fans

Hey Chandler,

How’s it going? Great win to kick off the season last night!

So yeah, I heard your comments about the crowd after the game. That sucks. I can only image the stress and pressure you’re living under.

But hey, it’s just one game and the basketball diehards are only responding to what they hear on sports radio or what they see on twitter. Shake it off.

You’ve got a few more years here and I’ve got some ideas on how you can get back in the city’s good graces — all before Christmas. None of them have to do with what you do on the court, Instagram models or talking to reporters either.

I no longer live in Memphis, but I did spend 12 years there and I think I have a unique perspective on how the city operates. Memphis is a simple town with many blue collar folks who are all very loosely connected. They value hard work and humility. Word spreads fast in Memphis. They will fight anyone who speaks ill of the city. In Memphis you’re either with them or against them. Just ask John Calipari, the city of Nashville or Blake Griffin.

ZBo and Tony both came to Memphis with baggage and left with their jerseys in the rafters. When Marc and Mike leave, they’ll probably erect a statue out front of FedExForum. I know you can do the same.

Do what you will with this information. There are two sides to every story and I’m in no position to know what you’re really going through. But, on top of working hard and putting your head down, here are a few things I might try to win the crowd back your way.

  • Take a game check, get with the folks at MIFA and buy a bunch of turkeys this Thanksgiving.
  • Get a sack of Grizz gear and play Santa for the kids at St. Jude or Le Bonheur.
  • Leave big tips wherever you eat. $100 is huge for a kid working the counter at Central BBQ. Best believe they’ll tell their friends.
  • Buy out Gibson’s one Saturday morning, go behind the counter and pass out free fried dough.
  • Pay off student lunch debts at the city schools
  • Work with the city to revamp and upgrade public basketball courts
  • Do every signing, fan event and photo opp that the Grizzlies PR people present to you
  • Develop a wrestling persona

Best of luck this season. My wish for you is that you have a long and healthy career in the Beale Street blue.