Survivor’s Declaration

We have been burned

We have been beaten

Broken down to the core

Our innocence cut out and eaten

The shadow of some is a darkness unknown

Their venom lips tell lies

Their poisoned tongue pollutes skies

Rotten souls know no light

Absent hearts cave into black holes

The vast vermin will not remain in reign

Truth breaks the victim’s chains

Warriors of righteousness rise!

Darkness dies with the sunrise

The filth of an evil mind…

Will suffer the judgement of the source of mankind

Blood will soak their bones

Exposing their army of sick clones

Justice makes an eternal promise to every predator

Only LIGHT prevails forever!

-Bethany Taulbee

Middle age memo

When I was a child I had open fields…

my love given freely like innocence allows.

In my adolescence I built walls.

Life gave me brick after brick.

Hurt and pain reinforced it’s strength.

In my adulthood some were torn down….

slowly self love chiseled away at my hard heart until I was exposed.

Some bricks gave and some held…

In my older years wisdom has taught me to build fences not walls.

Experience has taught me whom I choose to enter and who is not welcome.

Intuition is our gate, keep it locked but never throw away the key…


Bethany Taulbee

8 Minutes

8 minutes it took

For a life to be stolen by a crook

This man’s last breath taken on a street

Black or white

Why should this matter?

A life is a life

Do you hear the chatter?

Authority does not yield power to kill

Have you taken…

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BLT-Bethany Taulbee

Welcome to my couch! Please sit, have some coffee, and let’s talk.

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