Holding on to the failed 60’s hippie motifs and pretending to love everyone hurts the people we actually love.
Rethinking Universal Love
Charlie Ambler

Interesting, how you estimate that the 60s motives failed? I am curious to see. Additional I would like to add that there are several ways of love and one does not cut out the other necessarily. What often is the issue that lovers want to possess rather than love unconditionally. I don’t say that unconditional love or all-enclosing love is achievable for everybody, but I learnt that as soon as we ask ourselves for motives why we cannot love the one or the other, there is often a pretty selfish or pre-opposed position behind.

Humans are imperfect and we shall not expect to understand and reach everything in our short lifetime. But self-critique can help to understand the negations and refusals in our life.

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