Working Ourselves Away from Life
Charlie Ambler

Nice article on mindfulness and awareness in the work/life relationship and how you are able to handle it to your own advantage. I fully agree on the first part that the industrial revolution freed energy and labor but not freed us as humans. We are still bound to an eight hour job a day minimum. Though our jobs got a lot easier and often more independent from natural disasters and influence, but we are not finding more time for us. Rather we are wasting lots of energy and time on useless activities which we are only doing to overcome the extra time.

I think having the opportunity to work from home and schedule your day on your own needs is neat and works for many people, but not everybody is able to live like that and being similar productive. I love home officing, but similarly I am highly productive in my work place and it is necessary to keep the contacts to the colleagues on a personal and direct level.

The daily schedule and home arrangements are in my opinion independent from where and when we work. We can integrate daily meditation in a corporate schedule similarly as with a home office schedule. Living mindful is independent from the job we do, the place we work or life and what we eat or sport or with whom we have relations. Being mindful means living in the moment. Just be. Just live. Be aware. Anywhere.