Second to none

I compete with no one except myself. Now that’s a statement that took its time to evolve…lessons, repeated lessons as if I were playing a song over and over until I learnt its words . The song became an anthem, it came to life with a mixture of feelings ,thoughts and images: united. The lesson than became an experience when I could detach one from the other. it became untangled with lack of words and actions : or you would say.

It’s hard to realize what is being said, when one really is the one keeping them united . Its the essence of oneself doing that.

Second to none .

Love has many sets of dressing. Its colors can be so intense …or is it the drive ? Even in the most sutil colors is its intensity…or is that just the inner peace ?

Second to none.

Words become words , lyrics of a once anthem to the heart , melody that unchains. Lesson no more but experience in a higher level.

Second to none.

It never has been a 50/50 . Life between two can be no other than 100/100. Unconditionalness is being. NSA

N.S.A. can not and will not be understood unless you can truely walk naked without shame of your own faults, imperpections and virtues to yourself. Just saying …am I? Cant say nor express unless its, am I “just saying”?

Second to none.

Loving without strings attached. …my motto in life…it has no rule. Its committed. Its commitment cant be understood if you dont honor yourself. You will not nor can not honor anyone unless you begin with yourself.

Second to none

Setting free be not mistaken with letting go. Setting free is flying in the inmensity of the universe and knowing the horizon leads you where home is at the end of the day . Its where love is. Letting go is releasing …where highs and lows will be the voyage…jars of hearts without a lid.

Second to none.

No competition. Undress your soul. Release your fears. Walk beside,not in back nor in front.

Be…Yourself : second to none. Unconditional love.

Blend and conspire with the universe.

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