My apologies for not?

I’m sorry I’m not sorry my older sister says…and it became a sincere trait and joke ,yet its as real as can be…

I’m not apologizing for how you may mistake my absence in words, I’m usually too busy in taking action looking for alternatives to ease the load…your worry, concerns or what may have arisen my attention. ..

I’m sorry I’m not sorry you don’t understand the less in the more or the more in the less….it’s really that my inner drive is free within myself and I don’t always find the words. Im not fitted to constantly be explainning myself, i have nothing to prove and I guess I’m just constantly flowing . What you speak is carefully absorbed in me and I may seem as if I’m running out when I’m actually running into and toward the situation because it’s what moves me inside…I won’t nor can apologize for being real…I don’t want to “ help me “ because I’m different or because i see in the lesser greater moments as the greatest moments in life.

I’m sorry I’m not sorry that I inhale deeply and stay quiete as I center myself and than speak my heart as I listen carefully with no judgement…it’s who I am and it’s my commitment in no strings attached . Life itself is complicated so I choose to live it simple.

I’m really sorry that I’m **not** sorry that I don’t follow your lead…I’m just more of myself standing beside you just in case a shoulder is needed, I carry myself in silence each morning as I conspire with the universe of my greatest desires and recognize I am but a grain of sand in the dunes which has chosen to let be blown away in order to grow from a lesson met to an experience to be gained..I’m really sorry I can’t apologize for being real and you dislike my ways..I’m just being me and it’s the highest price I’ll pay.

I’m sorry that I have no way for apologizing when you chew me out and I’m not part of the problem or the situation and you decide to walk away, I respect your moods and faults because I have my own faults and I choose to validate the richness of your essence and soul and I just wait, see, it’s that I truly believe we are a reflection of each other and I recognize the me in you.

I can’t apologize for constantly trying to do more and believing that time is of the essence, I constantly think that now is the moment , yesterday passed and I didn’t know then and surely tomorrow will come but my soul feeds on the now.

I’m sorry I’m not sorry for the twists and turns in life ,I’ve learnt to make sweetness out of the bitterness , by embracing those moments and it’s how I live my life. I just can’t apologize for that, I’m just being real.

If you expect me to be anything but myself, I’m sorry: no can do. There are already too many things in life stored to learn so I choose to make it simple, doing the best I can by being me and living freely in essence by no strings attached and the greatest most complicated gift seen : it’s commitment.

Sorry I can’t apologize

sorry I’m not sorry…

I don’t need nor want your approval in loving you ( it’s entirely my decision ) , in loving life ( in great moments and lesser great moments ) , embracing without strings.

I don’t want your apologies. ..just be yourself, be real..

It’s not about being careful nor sorry in the long’s really about the greatest gift of all: unconditional love.