Nobody knows but me”

Walter use to sing me this song a lot when he courtshipped my was a ballad….a very sad song that would always made me cry…and he would laugh! He would tease me all the time…

See,in my culture to call someone “negra” is not offensive…it has nothing to do with the skin ,it’s more like when people say hunny,or any other expression of the sort. It’s also a nickname. Mostly my siblings call me “Negra” ,it’s translation is black, Walt called me “Blackie”…and I loved it, our gringo was getting the hang of the culture and he was into translating! I loved it…and he would forever call me “Blackie” and laughed..

Today ,as each day that has gone by, I think of the Tinman , I think of his wife (my sister ) and son. He’s present in our hearts and memories.

Today , I remembered this song he would sing to me over and over because I liked so much ,even if it made me cry. His famous cassettes of mixed music for my sister and records from Kenny Rogers “Lady” to his endless dedications of music pieces by Dan Fogelberg “Longer” to Doors “light my fire”…romantic,simple,wise …and I would tease my sister. Walt really was something else..

The lyrics to the song, of who I never learned whose it was are not related to this writing except the chorus. ..all who have been blessed of knowing him perhaps as I, think of him in a special way keeping the chorus personal to their own memory of “nobody knows but me” in missing him, but celebrating his life with us.

Love you Walt…

More than words will ever say.

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