Thinking of you with love

Today has been two months you began a journey without us physically by your side Walt… I say that correctly, you are in our hearts and mind. You already know that …

Its been different for each and one of us…I read the posts left for you, the stories shared….

Everyone has a story to tell and yet words are hard to find…missing you is one of the hardest . I see it and feel it. You know, your mom misses you with so much yet she has such beautiful love for you that in spite of the pain : she emanates her love toward you in such great way that you must be rejoicing in light.

Ivonne misses you more than words can ever say…thirty two years together will do that. We talk about you ALL the time, the void is inmense but she shares so much beautiful stories of you that they are blessings. True love….i know you know you are her forever Prince Charming . Your light shines with such intensity from within her that I just know you are roaring with laughter and the biggest of smiles knowing that you both did more than well in a lifetime together.

Karen, Liz, David keep you close in heart…you know . Bubba and Heidi always talk of you also…there is such big circle of love for you, your friends…overwhelming.

I know you must really enjoy all the great things that have continued to be done in your name …tokens of love. David Forsheys hair is really growing out! He’s done updates on the length of your hair.

Wish I could mention all the persons name..they’ve really made a difference.

Me?… I need not say… it suffices to say you are my forever Tinman .

We love you…you’re in our hearts and thoughts…..just wanted to bring this here.

Peace and Love Brother…..💞🙅🙇

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