I’ve been swimming in Bowie for the last week. So many great songs, but one that stands out to me now is Thursday’s Child. A beautiful melody and a lyric that seems to speak to Bowie’s journey of growth through character, from an eternal outsider:

“Something about me stood apart

A whisper of hope that seemed to fail

Maybe I’m born right out of my time”

to finally manifesting his true self in his family:

“Nothing prepared me for your smile

Lighting the darkness of my soul

Innocence in your arms”

We are lucky to have travelled with him in…

or, The Art of Buying Something.

I’d like a chocolate cake, please!

Sure, just need a few details.


What size cake do you want?

Hmm, hard to tell. How big do you think it should be?

Well that depends… how many people are you serving?

Between 0 and 17.

That’s a wide range

Yep, still early days. The cake’s important though. I wanted to get a head start on the cake. Want to get it right!

Don’t you want to wait until you know how many people you’ll be serving?

It’s hard to know who’ll turn up. …

Colin O'Neill

VP of Experience Design: creative, strategist, designer, dad. Not in that order.

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