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he broke my leg — maybe

Having been previously involved in a criminal case, which relied solely upon a video to reconstitute the truth in evidence, I will never — ever make the mistake again of letting a video alone determine my verdict. Video sometimes can show you only that which you desire to see. If anyone has ever experienced forensic examinations of video, combined with eye-witness testimony, combined with precursor and post context of evidence — you’d be damn well surprised how raw video does not necessarily relay the truth.

So, given the video — of course we all know every officer approaching a complete stranger is going to ask his or her immigration status first, right? No?

So what do you think prompted that question? Is that explained in this piece of so-called journalism?

And of course it is evident the person is so injured that triage is urgently needed right? No?

Oh, combined with the unknown information as to why this person was asked their immigration status prior to that dire need of urgent medical attention we can assume that the office was incompetent and or a bigot and or careless and or — -how about the entire insinuation behind this so-called journalism is so biased as to be what? Hey — I call BULLSHIT!