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Perhaps you misunderstood. It is a violation of both Facebook TOS Branding and LinkedIn TOS policy to post any screenshot of another individual’s profile (without prior consent). Which means any potential complaint filed will be directed to Medium.

No need to be snarky. Sorry I even bothered.

“You may also not use a screenshot of LinkedIn’s personal profile pages or groups pages, nor may you use a screenshot which discloses an image or personal information about individual LinkedIn users unless: (i) the screenshot includes only your personally identifiable information; (ii) all images and/or personal information of individual LinkedIn users (including member identification numbers) is obfuscated and such user(s) cannot be identified; or (iii) you have obtained written permission from all identified users to have their personally identifiable information displayed on the screenshot and to use such screenshot in the manner you intend. The treatment of personal information of LinkedIn users is covered by LinkedIn’s Privacy Policy