Loyalty, Spoken In Plain English?

Everyone has a style they call their own. We all do our best to communicate what we want and what we want in return for our efforts (a bit of a generalization I know, but go with me from a ‘big idea’ perspective).

A family owns a small taco shop on the island of Kauai, yep tacos. It would be easier to just use plastic forks, but it’s also more expensive than just washing metal ones.

The problem is that everyone keeps dumping the silverware into the trash and although they have figured out why the forks are disappearing, they’ve lost quite a few, and now have to dig thru the trash each time before they take it out to the dumpster behind the shop. Not glamorous, but certainly keeps them from losing any more forks!

Now, I don’t know if you realize it, but the sign at the top of this page is written in English. Certainly not the ‘Queens English’, but certainly the colorful version spoken on the Hawaiian Islands. The owners don’t actually speak this way for the most part, but the majority of their customers do (other than the tourists like my family and I who happen to be adventurous enough to find them). They know that they need to communicate in a way to their audience that is most understandable to them, and it works.

How often do we speak in this barely understandable version of english (at least to the outsider) of KPI, ROI, EBIDTA, NLT.. much less the lol, jk, XD, rofl, wtf and : ).

Sometimes, just sometimes, it seems like we go thru a bit more effort to use these types of jargon, just to make us feel just a bit more self important? No? Yes?

I hope we can all be honest.

Most of our audience are not marketers, or tech startups, or entrepreneurs/founders. They are John Smith who works at the Piggly Wiggley, or Jane Doe who’s 16 at Thomas Jefferson Middle School. They just want to find that new game, or that great set of headphones, or lord forbid, they just ran our of shampoo and just need to wash their hair!

We, as purveyors of the message, are rarely the target audience. We do our best to fill our teams with those who identify with the target audience, but really, child labor laws just make that a bit impractical most of the time.. right?

Let’s set aside our desire to put ‘Big Game Commercial — way overspent’ on our Linkedin profile as a reason for choosing that media buy. Maybe the organic posting on instagram will do. Maybe some simple and fun messages and stories on Snapchat will get the message across.

I don’t know about you, but I’m really happy and have a deep satisfied feeling when the ad on the side of my Facebook feed is actually something I have been looking for. I’m all like.. ‘hey, I do need a new running jacket now that it’s getting cold outside’.

Let’s not do it for us, let’s do it for our consumer. Be honest. Tell them what you want; clearly. Who knows, this modern audience might really find you refreshing and reward you with more loyalty than you could ever imagine.

— Keith Pape, VP, Marketing & Digital Engagement at ONE+K (a space150 company)

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