This is a section from a recent digital publication of mine, Secrets to Blogging Success.

As creative individuals, we barely find the time for our business. The truth is we need to make time for our business and marketing. What usually happens is, we setup a website with bare minimum effort and just leave it at that. Most of the times we won’t even consider a blog or put in any additional effort.

What do the most prolific artists; photographers and other creatives have in common? They dedicate enough time on a weekly basis for their business and marketing. …

Indeed, one of the primary motivations for the mobile lifestyle is freedom. Rather than focusing on hard-work and effort which is foundational to the industrial model, the goal is results — and getting those results as efficiently as possible.

Total agree with this. Great article overall, we do live in exciting times.

The work/life balance is missing the spirituality aspect, the most important one I think. Without that one can have all the money but no soul.

After graduating from art school ask yourself “Do I know marketing?” If the answer is no then you better hurry and learn. Most art schools, even the private ones do not make this a requirement. It’s usually an optional/elective course. It’s a very big mistake because what good is it if you’ve made the most amazing body of work but no one knows about it?

The marketing of services is an important skill for anyone in any field. In this post I will be narrowing my focus to photographers. The first thing I will talk about is the difference between…

Search Engine PPC Marketing

Search engine pay per click is the highest quality traffic you can get because, the words people are typing into search engines are currently on their mind and, they’re usually looking to purchase. This is why keywords are so important and the bidding for keywords on Google Adwords has gone up. It is recommended you start with Bing and not Google; just compare Adwords CPC > Bing CPC (cost-per-click).

When placing pay per click ads the curiosity factor plays a huge role. What can spark the curiosity of your prospect while they are looking for search engine results? How can…

Ranking number one on Google is no small task, which is why I am planning to write this in a series of articles. Please check back for updates or revisions on this topic. This article will serve as an introduction to the topic of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Ranking. As a reference I have included a link for the study referenced in this article Search Metrics Company Information. Here is what it entails:

“We gathered approx. 300,000 URLs with top search result positions (top 30) for 10,000 informational keywords. To determine why these URLs ranked at the top, we…

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I work with creatives. My passion is connecting with creatives and seeing how I can help them achieve their dreams: spending more time doing what they love.

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