Why Aging Causes Eye Problems and Diseases in the Elderly

Elderly care

Human beings like any other species of living organisms grow older and weaker with the passage of time. As the plants shed its leaves and its branches dry up on aging, human beings also age gradually with organs of the human body slowing down. The main problem faced by majority of the older generation is the blurring of the eye sight, glaucoma, short sightedness, pressure is high in the eyes, cataract etc. This is basically due to the aging of the tissues and cells in the eyes and also due to the usage of the eyes through the years on machines like television, computer etc.

The immunity of the senior people is low due to the aging of the cells in the body and the rejuvenation of new cells for betterment of the body is also very slow. Aging is sign to the body to slow down the running game of life and to become relaxed in approach towards everything in life. The elderly phase of life needs to be enjoyed thoroughly with family and friends forgetting about the future. This positive approach to life will make old age look more beautiful and comfortable and not a burden. The stressful old age is the reason for majority of the diseases in the elderly people. If taken care with love and affection they can live and pass away without much pain. Thus elders are to be loved with heart and cherished with soul.

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