From #Russia with #love to #Trump

There was not a day gone by in the past months, Donald Trump blasting media for printing fake news against him. There was also not a day in the past months, he and his administration vehemently denied any Russian involvement in rigging the Presidential election.

Media was going hard on Trump and they were also trying hard to get proof of Russian involvement that could lead back to Donald Trump.

Both were trying hard.

That’s why Jr. Trump decided to make everyone’s life easy I assume.

Yup, he just tweeted all emails related to the Russian affair happened during the campaign. This is like a thief without even a judge asking him, accepting the crime openly.

Yes, Trump Jr’s action is that dumb

Now let’s see what happened.

This was a fiercely fought presidential election. On one side, there was Hilary Clinton and on the other side a newcomer to politics Billionaire Mr. Trump. Whole America was praying that Trump should not win. But win he did.

During the campaign, a UK contact who helped Trump family in conducting a beauty pageant competition at Moscow reached out to Trump Jr. telling him Russia is willing to help Trump by giving them a damning evidence that will derail Clinton’s campaign.

Sometime later, a Russian advocate meets Trump Jr. at Trump Tower along with then campaign manager and few other people. In this regard, there were few emails were sent up and down.

Those emails are the damning evidence proving that colluding with Russia has happened and Trump Jr. is very much involved.

Politics is a dirty business, let’s agree to that. But how deep one will go to achieve, that too, in this case, is surprising.

This is asking Russia to help someone win and become an American president. I am very sure nothing of this sort has never happened in the history of presidential elections in America.

This is a new low in American politics.

What will happen to Trump Jr and with all this nasty stuff happening whether Trump will be able to complete his 4-year term is a big question that needs to be answered?

My assumption is if Mr. Trump doesn’t do any magic he is for sure going Nixon way. 2nd president to be thrown out of service before his time.

If this happens, that will bring a hope, all is not lost in America.

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