Black America, please stop appropriating African clothing and tribal marks.
Zipporah Gene

A child is adopted and lied about her biological parents. For most of her life is told that they are shit. Then as she gets older she realizes they were real people who live through her still. She goes on a quest to reconnect with them. She finds out what her father and mother might have worn. She wears them. She finally meets a biological family member, a bit self important and pompous of his own experience having the privilege of never having left the family himself--and then, instead of taking the moment to empathize and educate her, ridicules her for trying to embrace her idea of who her parents are. Because it makes him feel important to claim something over this already traumatized and evolving young woman. To say I disapprove of this article does no justice to the injustice I see ringing through it. I’m hopeful we can find a way to feel love for ourselves without demeaning others seeking the same. I come from India, and I must say I absolutely love when I see Black people wearing bindis; they look so beautiful. It reminds me that that is theirs too, as their Ancestors are ours. I love that they see the beauty in it like we do. To see an article devoted to demeaning Black people taking pride in African aesthetics African no less ignorant to me than an Indian person telling Black people they can’t pierce their noses and wear bindis. Don’t you see the eminence of Black? Can’t you spread your knowledge where you see it historically denied? Or will you continue the charades of the colonized mind? The only reason I am grateful for this article is in seeing the beautifully written objecting responses. Perpetuating ignorance in the guise of intellectual discourse does not smell more sweet to me than it in its rawest form. Thank you for bringing it to light.