Morning Vue: June 5, 2018

Front Page: Markus Oberlehner’s posts: “Should I store this data in Vuex” and “Transition to Height Auto with Vue.js

Go Speed Racer, Go!: Pj Trainor’s post “Speed Up Development With Prototyping and Vue” in Vue.js Developers

The Barry Bonds of the Vue World: Vue NYC’s presentation by Asim Mittal on “Dynamic navigation in Vue (on steroids)

Th…th…that’s all folks: Web Developer Blog’s video on animations [Russian]

Days Without an Accident: The last commit to Vue was on May 2.

New Vue Issues:

#8293: “Component is destroyed and then mounted”

#8296: “CSS injection does not work with func[]tional component and/or undefined context”

Closed Vue Issues:

#8294 (“关于不能更新dom的问题(this.$set)”): Closed by the vue-issue-bot for failing to conform with issue requirements.

#8295 (“children component not update when change Array props in parent”): GU Yiling responded that this issue is addressed in the guide (as one of the caveats regarding changes to an array).

New Vue Pull Requests:


Vue Meetups Today (6/5)

  • Dublin: Justin Howard on speeding “up your web-app deployment with Vue, Docker, BitBucket and .net core”
  • Budapest: Topics include a recap of Vue.js Amsterdam, the launch of a new Vue project, and quick lightning talks.
  • San Diego: Including a talk by Jason Land on “A Very Short Introduction to Vuex”

Vue Meetups Tomorrow (6/6)

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