A deep dive in the Vue.js source code (#5): series planning update

This is the fifth post in this series walking line-by-line through the entire Vue.js source code. In this post, I lay out my plans for the future of this series and answer some questions that have arisen. If you want to skip ahead and continue through the line by line walkthrough, jump to the next post.

Plans for the Future

  • Comprehensive Review: Over time, I intend to post a line-by-line walkthrough of the entire Vue.js v2.5.15 source code. Once I reach the end of the line, I plan to address all changes to the source code that occur from the time I started the series to the time the series finishes.
  • Searchable Contents: I understand that you may want to jump in with the series at a particular place in the code. I intend to create an easy reference table of contents so you can quickly find the post you are looking for.


  • Why the series name change? A deep “dive” connotes something quick. This series is more of a long slog — more like swimming the English channel than diving in. [4/3 UPDATE: By popular demand, I am switching back to the “deep dive” title. People were finding the name change mid-series too confusing.]
  • Which version? 2.5.15
  • Why are your posts so pedantic? As I discussed in the first post of the series, I want this series to be accessible to JavaScript beginners. So, I provide links — where I can (and remember to do so) — explanations of relevant JavaScript concepts.
  • Can I help? Yes. Working through the code night by night can be a lonely slog. Please share the love along the way with claps and shares to keep me motivated to continue. Also, please feel free to engage in the comments,let me know of anything I get wrong, and follow the new goose egg twitter account for updates. All help, comments, and friendly words are appreciated.

With that out of the way, continue on to the next post in the series here.

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