Unsung Heroes of Vue: Diana Rodríguez

Diana Rodríguez

The Vue community is made up of over 122,000 stars (literally), and this series provides interviews with developers who are working across the world to make the Vue community a better place. In this article, we continue our focus on Vue Vixens with a conversation with Diana Rodríguez.

Diana was nominated as a hero for helping open Vue Vixens chapters across the Americas, Europe, and Africa.

How were you first introduced to computers and tech?

My parents were pretty young when I was born so I was surrounded by tech/computer magazines. I remember mum being super chuffed about her Apple II at work. I started developing a few assembler projects at 11, then just goofed around with our 286 until 1995 when we had internet access… Then I started with html.

When did you get interested in front end development?

I am more a backend / DevOps person and always felt frustrated about not having a strong knowledge for front end projects… But one day… Vue came to me and changed my life ;)

Where are you based?

I am a roaming soul who has lived in many countries throughout her life. I’d like to say i am based where i am needed!

How long have you been working with Vue?

Less than a year, can you believe it?

What brought you to Vue?

I owe this to my mentors Matias Blayer and Ignacio Anaya. Both founders of “Vuenos Aires”. Suddenly I picked up the pace quickly and I knew I wanted to share this with others.

When you first started learning Vue, did you find any resources particularly helpful?

Believe it or not, i started from scratch with Ignacio Anaya’s tutorial and read lots of articles, and of course documentation. I think i used Vuetify for the first paid project i delivered. Then things just started flowing.

https://github.com/ianaya89/workshop-vuejs <<<< This, is awesome content. (In Spanish)

The learning curve is not steep at all, I like having single file components, the cli is awesome and I loved not having to deal with JSX if I didn’t want to.

What was it about Vue that made learning front end easier?

The cli had me sold. In general the documentation is super easy to understand and i like the resources that have been shared to me. I feel pretty spoiled by my peers and Vue Vixens, we are always sharing information, insights, discoveries.. etc.

Where do you currently work?

I’m Senior DevOps / Full stack Dev at ThisDot. I work remotely and we are doing awesome stuff :)

Do you use Vue in your day to day work?

Mostly for personal and freelance projects

What keeps you working in Vue?

The community, support, documentation and how easy and friendly it is. Makes my life much easier, takes me less time to deliver my projects.

What is your favorite thing you’ve worked on in Vue?

I love Vue + Native Script. I love how easy is to build for mobile!

How did you get involved with Vue Vixens?

After an awesome Vuenos Aires meetup I noticed we were but 3 women in there. I spoke to Nacho Anaya about how necessary it was to make the environment friendly for women in tech and that I was willing to take on the task. He mentioned Jen Looper and since day one I’ve had all of her support as well as Natalia Tepluhina’s.

I immediately reached out to Jen and asked her if i could start a chapter in Buenos Aires and her response was amazing. Jen and Natalia made me feel welcomed and supported since the very first day. I truly admire these women and all the women in Vue Vixens for their hard work, their achievements and their disposition to always help women and those who identify as such, learn and share their experience in a safe and inclusive environment.

Our community is awesome. I’ve learned so much from all these wonderful ladies and also the gentlemen who contribute! I feel safe, and I know I count on them… There’s never a simple or stupid question as we are all learning together and we welcome and embrace women and those who identify as such, whatever their background, age and experience we want them to know there’s a safe space to learn, practice and empower others!

What is the development scene like in Buenos Aires?

It’s pretty diverse. I have to say that there are plenty of groups and meetups where people support each other. The community is very solid and i’ve met amazing people who i have learned from a lot. The community is full of geniuses, each one of them excelling in their different areas. I think i would fall short trying to describe what is it like to be a developer in Buenos Aires. A crazy city, with so much to do!. Many foreign companies are putting their eyes on this side of the pond because of the quality of the developers.

There’s a structure of meetups and slack, and they all feed from eachother in a big event calendar from meetupjs. (meetupjs.com.ar). There’s also a growing community of amazing women in Buenos Aires who are making a difference (Las de Sistemas), a community of women in different levels and tech backgrounds learning from eachother and giving visibility to many of the issues we face as women in this area. Hopefully the ecosystem is growing to be an inclusive environment and we try to make it as safe as possible for each and everyone.

I would like to mention those who have had a deep impact in my life as a developer and who are very well regarded by our fast growing community for being amazing mentors and bright people: Nico Quiroz, Karen Serfaty, Matias Blayer, Ignacio Anaya, Fernando Pardo, Jorge Cano, Leo Galante, Hugo Farji, Gonzalo Pozzo, Evangelina Ferreira. To them, and to many others I couldn’t include enough kudos!

Tell me about Vuenos Aires.

Vuenos Aires is a Vue community founded by Matias Blayer, Ignacio Anaya, and Camila Lunghi. It works in the same way as the rest of the tech communities and it focuses on Vue, Nuxt, Vuetify, etc… the events are great and it works with the same format as all the meetup communities included in MeetupJS.

We at Vue Vixens see ourselves as a sister group to Vuenos Aires and to the community in general. Even though we are barely starting in Argentina, we have received support and all the help from the organisers of Vuenos Aires.

How did you get involved with Vuenos Aires?

It only took one meetup. I was an attendee and totally loved them from day one. The workshops were amazing!

What types of personal and freelance projects have you worked on in Vue?

I have worked on e-commerce sites for private clients, many portfolio sites, and specific apps that i have integrated with Native Script. Very soon my own blog will be online (I love working for others but i am slow working for myself). And with Gonzalo Nandez’s collaboration we are preparing some additional content for more workshops using Kendo UI. A lot of awesome things are coming from this side of the world.

What is one thing you wish you could change about the Vue community or ecosystem?

We just have to spread the word around. In general i wish there wasn’t so much sectarism. I am open to work with any lib or framework, I do obviously prefer Vue over all but it’s not like as a developer you have to marry a specific technology.

If people could only know three non-tech related things about you, what would those three things be?

I am a musician, I have a talent for learning languages super fast, and I love traveling.

What are you currently up to?

I evolved from being a chapter leader (And founder) in Argentina to becoming LATAM Regional Director, and after founding many more communities, evolved to Worldwide community organiser. We have founded chapters in: Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Canada, Nigeria, Mauritius and in the US We have a US-West leader, and chapters in North Carolina, Washington DC, and Michigan. There are more chapters coming and we have had a tremendous growth in less than a year.

I am also a NativeScript-Vue Ambassador, Auth0 Ambassador and Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies. I define myself as an advocate for diversity and women in tech.

Where can people find you online?

I am on twitter @cotufa82 and on github: alphacentauri82, and of course check out @vuevixensAR for our official launch coming soon and upcoming events!!

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