Once Upon a Time…

Don’t get yourself in this wrong thought, that it’s going to be a fairy tale, if it’s starting by the opening line~ ‘Once Upon a Time’. Nightmares too don’t take time to happen.

This verse-- ‘People change as time passes’ is true to its peak level. People did promise you, that they won’t change, but alas! They changed. You’re no more close to them anymore and you’re no more as important as you were before to them.

Your ‘best friend’ doesn’t even know what’s going on in your life. They don’t even share anything with you now and they don’t even bother about it. They seem to have become ex-best friend. Take a chill pill there because there are yet more to come. The person whom you called ‘brother from another mother’, doesn’t even recognize you anymore. Take another pill there, people. The best is yet to come to trigger your heart up. Coming to the person with whom you are or were in love. They changed with time, didn’t they? They’re not the one who used to be grateful to have you in their life. They are not the one who used to write paragraphs for you. They’re not all lovey-dovey person anymore. They ask only once or twice about your problem and then go away. This is not who they were earlier. And honestly, you miss the old them horribly.

Is this how important you were to them? Is this how they show importance you have or rather, had in their life? I wonder. Why did they have to change? Why did they have to go away like this? Why?

Reading this might bring tears rolling down your cheeks, or memories triggering your heart, but making you smile at the same time. I’m sorry for this, but I had to write about it because this is one common thing everyone goes through in real life. Yes, once upon a time, some months ago, you were the most important person in their life, but wake up because you’re not that anymore.

Grateful-ness. Well, well, well, what should I say about that? No one any longer shows how blessed or lucky they are or were to have you. I’m not saying to show how grateful they are, but at least a single message or line. Things changes with time. And, surely, it did. Even if you want to relive those moments, you won’t be able to do so. Little does anyone know how much that little heart and that small brain is growing through. Breaking in pieces and then joining them again. This has become a regular cycle.

They never dedicated a song for you, but you always wrote paragraphs for them consisting of several things. Well, things changed. It’s no longer the same. Don’t worry. Cheer yourself up because you’re the one who can help yourself right now.

One more request, if you’re the one ‘they’ or ‘people’ I’m referring here, stop there. You’re hurting someone more than you’d ever know. They are going through a lot of problem already and they need you. They ain’t saying this, as they expect you to be there for them as they’ve been there for you. Don’t change. It’s a request. It hurts bad honestly. Treat someone how you want to be treated like. If you get this line, you’ll understand everything. Let ‘Once Upon a Time’ be a happy moment as in fairy tales and not a bad memory. Be there for them and show their value in your life.

They are always going to be there for you no matter what. It still isn’t late for you to do so. And relive those lost moments where you danced with them, sang with them, again : )

~So called ‘Amelia’