The simplest cryptocurrency exchange!

We are proud to announce the launch of OnePageX! OnePageX is the simplest cryptocurrency exchange on the web.

No registration required. Users can simply decide the currencies they want to trade and start!

OnePageX — The simplest exchange with the most cryptocurrencies.

The entire exchange process happens on one page. There is no need to go through a registration process and look for pairs to trade. OnePageX searches through numerous exchanges and executes the trade automatically at the best available price!

We have many assets — more than any other cryptocurrency converter.

We currently have 150+ cryptocurrencies available for trade. Take your pick and start buying!

How to use OnePageX

OnePageX is the easiest to use out of any cryptocurrency exchanges.

  1. Pick an asset to convert to.
  2. Enter a withdrawal address.
  3. Click “Start Exchange”
  4. A card will appear with a deposit address. Simply deposit to that address and you are done.

Each individual card will display a live transaction status that will let the user know about their transaction.

Integrating OneBox to your website

OnePageX has a widget that can be integrated into any website. It is called the OneBox.

Simply copy the code snippet provided at the bottom of the page and your website can allow cryptocurrency conversion for your users!

The Future of OnePageX

The OnePageX team is working hard on bringing more improvements to the platform. To this end we will continue adding funding assets to give users even more selection!