TRON Going Strong!

This article is published by the team at It is only our opinion and not investment advice. TRON (TRX) is a listed asset on the instant cryptocurrency exchange.

TRON Growth

TRON currently stands at #11 on CoinMarketCap as of this writing. They took the world by storm with an innovative team and a new infrastructure that competes with existing networks.

The TRON protocol is now one of the largest in the entire blockchain space, acting as the underlying technology for numerous projects.


Tron is more than an idea.

TRON’s DAPP HOUSE lists an amazingly large array of applications available on the TRON network.

Aside from the numerous gambling options there is a wide array of fun games as well such as Fishing Master and Chibi Fighters!

TRON Future

One of the most notable recent projects is BitTorrent, built on top of the TRON network. It is amazing to see that the TRON community is about to have such a huge influx of new members.

It is undertaking large projects like these that makes TRON stand out as a protocol and an ecosystem that fosters growth.

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